Structure and porosity of eyelashes. Best Practice for Lamimaker - test 2

How often do you get doubts when choosing shutter speeds of substances for treatment InLei® Lash Filler ? How many times do you have doubts that the exposure time is too high or not enough?

Today we clarify our ideas on this topic a little. To understand how reactions occur
chemicals of the perm or dye, two main factors must be observed:

  • structure of the hair
  • porosity of the hair


First of all, the shiny / matte appearance of the hair depends on its porosity . Porosity is the ability of the hair to absorb humidity and can be low, medium or high.
To understand which category the hair you are treating belongs to, you must look at the cuticle. It won't be easy if you don't have a microscope handy, so you have to rely on absorbency.

Here's what happens depending on the type of hair:

 Low porosity (= low absorption capacity) – le
“scales” of the cuticle adhere very well and the hair is very shiny, like the hair in advertisements. It is very difficult for chemicals to penetrate these hairs, so exposure times increase for both perming and dyeing.

 Medium porosity – most of the hair. When the cuticle scales are slightly raised and thin, or the cuticular layers are few due to ethnicity. These hairs are generally very obedient (easy to deal with).

 High porosity (= high absorption capacity) – when the cuticle scales are raised (weak) or breathable. This does not allow the humidity to stay for long, so at every opportunity the fur tries to absorb as much as possible. This hair is visibly fragile and dull (usually it is hair that has been badly treated and damaged) but remember that even a good part of curly hair has high porosity! During the absorption of the perm ( Form 1 ) you will notice that this hair literally "eats" the solution (which goes from intense white to transparent milky white).

→ shiny hair = low porosity = leave on for longer
→ matt hair = high porosity = leave the substances on for less time because they come
absorbed very quickly

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