Red eyes after eyelash extensions, here are the remedies! Test 4

Dear lashmaker, welcome to the blog dedicated to eyewear professionals. We have already talked about the contraindications of eyelash extensions in a previous article ( eyelash extensions contraindications ), today we will help you solve the problem of red eyes.

Let us guess, some of your clients call you in the days following the eyelash extension treatment saying that their sclera (white of the eye) is very red.

This reaction represents discomfort for the client, as it is often associated with discomfort as if she had sand in her eyes and/or pain. Let's see where this problem comes from and how to avoid it, it is not always the case to remove eyelash extensions.

It certainly happens to you even if you use quality products, even if you have made sure that you have not touched the client's skin at any point and even if you have verified the absence of particular allergies through a patch test. Let's see what it depends on!

Golden rules of #successfullashmaker

Never forget that:

  1. A treatment carried out in a workmanlike manner does not create any problems for the client.
  2. You must thoroughly investigate the cause of each problem, without always blaming the "delicate" eye
  3. The key to success is to always be open to learning: read, study and learn more every chance you get!

Now let's get back to our problem.

Why do my client's eyes turn red after an eyelash extension treatment ?

You should know that this phenomenon is very frequent: the redness is often due to the fact that the client's eyes remain half-closed, or open often during the treatment.

The causes can be of different nature, for example it can happen:

  • when the client has large eyes that do not close well
  • following blepharoplasty surgery
  • with a very light-sensitive eye that trembles with discomfort, thus leaving the eyelid partially open
  • when the client falls asleep
  • in case of predisposition of the eye

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