Trimming eyebrows: it's not done! Test 1

Colleague eye care professionals, how many times have you seen your client's eyebrows cut? I'm sure that if not many... a lot!

I bet there are still many beauticians who use this methodology as a technique to fix the eyebrow arch.

Try doing a search on Google and you will discover that the internet is full of articles on how to cut eyebrows , how to cut them to make them perfect and how to have them uniform thanks to scissors... not to mention the tutorials.


This is perhaps the best time to talk about it, right now that the eyebrow lamination it is so in demand. Many beauticians have remained tied to very retro methodologies and many clients who see very long, straight or unruly hairs on their eyebrows... what do they do? They straighten all the hairs upwards and away, ZAC ZAC with a nice pair of scissors.

Why do I argue and repeat endlessly that it shouldn't be done?

My belief is based on many years of personal experience and even today, every time I see a cut eyebrow, my heart aches. 😔

NB: if this practice is performed by the beautician herself, there is no excuse. You absolutely must update and renew your professional training !!

Let's go into detail, below is a list of what happens when the poor tips of the eyebrows are cut:

 the hairs become even thicker and stiffer , like trunks.

 they do not hold a shape and even combing them no longer helps.

– cut hair they grow in different directions and they give the feeling of a messy eyebrow!

– the cut ends no longer follow the natural growth pattern e thus they create empty spaces , the so-called "holes", in the middle of the eyebrow arch.

– the eyebrow takes shape over time wrong shape !


This is the result:

Isn't that still enough?

Well, then I'll also explain what can happen if you persist in trimming your eyebrows over time.

As you know, all our hair (eyelashes, eyebrows, hair) have a well-defined life cycle, therefore: they are born, grow and fall in a continuous cycle with different speeds based on the area of ​​the body.
Trimming eyebrows the natural life cycle of the hair is compromised .

The hair no longer reaches its maximum length and does not fall out when it should fall, but continues to be nourished by the hair bulb and therefore it becomes thicker and heavier .

This places the bulb under continuous strain until the bulb itself is no longer able to support the weight of the hair and it will no longer be able to produce new hair!

So what happens? Starting from a nice thick and natural eyebrow we find ourselves with a partially bristly eyebrow arch, alternating with empty and poorly defined areas!

All these characteristics are clearly visible to a professional who works every day performing professional eyebrow treatments.

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