DAILY CARE beauty set

DAILY CARE | beauty set
DAILY CARE | beauty set

DAILY CARE beauty set

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InLei® Daily Care is a complete set of bestselling InLei® cosmetics, the 100% Made in Italy product kit designed for daily facial care. It contains all the essential elements for every woman's daily beauty routine, making it perfect as a gift idea.

  • 100% Made In Italy
  • For home use
  • Perfect gift idea
  • Products compatible with lamination and extension treatments
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This kit contains everything you need for a sweet and fresh awakening:

  • InLei® MiAmiIt is an eye contour cream suitable for both younger and more mature skin. It is a refreshing eye contour that soothes the entire area without being greasy. Continuous use guarantees a toning and smoothing effect. Efficacy tests have shown that the peptides contained in the formula are able to reduce expression lines, crow's feet and deeper furrows.
  • InLei® Soft Peelingit is a delicate scrub like a caress, perfect for exfoliating eyebrows, face and décolleté. If heaven were a perfume it would be just like this: a very sweet mix of almond and hazelnut that overwhelms you as soon as you open the bottle! It delicately removes dead skin cells and excess sebum thanks to the granules contained in the formulation. The tiny dried fruit shells cleanse the skin deeply while the hydrogenated Jojoba oil granules dissolve during rubbing and hydrate the face, restoring the natural skin barrier.
  • InLei® Fridait's mascaraoil-freecreated to meet the needs of all those who don't want to give up a touch of makeup even when wearing eyelash extensions. Its formulation is based on natural waxes and contains the Keratrix™ system which nourishes, repairs and protects the eyelashes, giving elasticity to each hair. It can be washed simply with hot water in the shower or with warm water and InLei® Mousse
  • InLei® Mousse Aloeit is a very soft foam perfect for cleansing and removing make-up from both natural eyelashes and eyelash extensions, thanks to the innovative formulationwithout oils. The anti-inflammatory properties of aloe restore the skin balance of sensitive skin thanks to the content of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes necessary to regenerate vital processes. It is a cloud of well-being that effectively but extremely gently cleans the eye contour, eyelashes, eyebrows and the entire face.