PRIMAGEL PLUS hand disinfectant gel 50ml

PRIMAGEL PLUS | hand disinfectant gel 50ml

PRIMAGEL PLUS hand disinfectant gel 50ml

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Primagel Plus is a transparent disinfectant gel for immediate and effective hand hygiene. In the small and convenient 50 ml format, it is suitable for any occasion and for us Lashmaker is a valid help to always have well disinfected hands.

  • Medical Surgical Unit
  • Quick action disinfectant dries quickly
  • Bacteriostatic effect prolonged over time
  • Leaves hands fresh and soft
  • Content: 50ml
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  1. Dose the gel into the palm of your hand and rub actively for at least15 seconds.
  2. Reach all parts of the hands with the product: palm, back, flip-flop areas and nails.
  3. Product without rinsing

In our sector it is very important to work in complete safety and respect hygiene standards. When working on the most delicate part of the body, the eyes, we must always ensure that we use the best materials, disposable tools for each individual client, take care to always sterilize the tweezers used and have thealways very clean hands.

Light Lashes has chosen a gel that is certified asMedical Surgical Unitwhich is right for us.Primagel Plusit guarantees us to have disinfected hands in just a few seconds and does not leave any oily or sticky sensation. Use it between one application and another but also when you create tufts to effectively and quickly degrease your hands, it will help you have a better grip!

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