MINI 5 professional tweezers for eyelash extensions

MINI 5 professional tweezers for eyelash extensions

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Professional MINI boot tweezers, with tips only 5mm long! Resistant and easy to handle, it is ideal for creating volumes from 2D to 5D.

  • High quality steel
  • Tip inclination of approximately 95°
  • Perfect closing of the tips
  • Knurled handle for a firmer grip
  • Convenient built-in ruler
  • Tip length: 5mm
  • Total length: 11.5cm

It is a true professional jewel, designed for passionate lashmakers who strive for perfection.

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Made of high quality steel. The tips weresharpened by handand the excellent closure allows you to keep the eyelashes firmly between the tips of the forceps. A perfect combination for creating light volumes!

This tweezer is ideal for creating small volumes such as 2D and 3Dbut it also works splendidly well with 4D and 5D volumes. Furthermore, it is the ideal tweezers for working with YY type eyelash extensions. Seeing is believing! Thanks to the length of the tips of only 5mmit does not cover the view when working on the inner corner of the eye and is perfect in cases of crowded infraciliary space.

As eye professionals we always recommend havinga special tweezers for each thickness of the extensions:if the caliper is used to gripping thicknesses like 0.07 it will struggle to grip a smaller thickness!

Weight and length of the tweezers create aperfect balance: this makes it very easy to use without weighing down the professional's wrist. Furthermore, the surface of the tweezers has been enriched by elegant grooves that form aknurlingcheckerboard pattern that makes itanti-slipfor a firm and safe grip.

In the final part of the pliers, on one side, a small has been preparedruler, a valid aid for the lashmaker, who will be able to immediately check the length of the natural eyelashes or extensions. It is packaged in a beautiful case with a soft velvet base to ensure safe transport and safeguard the perfection of the tips.

The Light Lashes® tweezers can be disinfected in a special liquid, taking care not to exceed the time foreseen by the product instructions.

We recommend the InLei® F PLUS cleaning and sanitizing solutionspecific for cleaning lashmaker and lamimaker tools. It removes up to 99% of bacteria present on surfaces and depending on the timing of use it can also eliminate fungi, viruses and spores.

After disinfection, dry thoroughly and store in a dry place.