MINI LASH-PAD 2.0 DX right hand eyelash extension holder

MINI LASH-PAD 2.0 DX right hand eyelash extension holder

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The Lash-pad 2.0 is a smarter version of the classic eyelash holders on the market! We have taken into consideration all the suggestions of the best lash stylists for an upgrade. Suitable for right-handed users.

  • Rigid support to have support during work
  • Surface anti-reflection
  • Up to 14 strips of eyelashes
  • Division of extensions by length
  • Optimal dimensions: 70 x 110 xh 3 mm, rounded corners
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Made inopaque plexiglassto completely eliminate reflections of the lamp light.Rigid and resistant supportwhich guarantees comfortable support during work, making it simpler and more practical.

WHAT IS A LASH-PAD?It is a very comfortable tablet to contain your eyelashes methodically.

We have taken into consideration all the needs of professionalsin the industry and we have completely renovated the Light Lashes® lash-pad!

We've updated the surface by making it matte, thiscompletely eliminates the annoyance of reflectionsof the lamp light. Furthermore, this comfortable and portable mini version is differentiated between right-handed and left-handed users, to ensure maximum comfort during work.

The silk-screened signs on the tablet give you the possibility of having theeyelashes always in order,arranging them so that the length of the lashes corresponds to the millimeters indicated on the graphic. THEnumbers are clearly visibleand written large, this allows you to operate in a very intuitive way and makes work faster. Contains themeasures from 6 to 14mm.

Its dimensions are 70 x 110 xh 3 mm and the corners are rounded: ideal for working comfortably and taking it everywhere!

The MINI Lash-Pad 2.0 can be washed withsoapand disinfect using aspecial sanitizer for surfacessuch as InLei® F 360, taking care to strictly comply with the instructions for use.