RAPHAEL professional brush with long and thin tip

RAPHAEL professional brush with long and thin tip

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InLei® RAFFAELLO is a one-of-a-kind brush created for TRUE ARTISTS!
We have developed this brush with a very thin and ultra-precise tip which comes to the rescue in all those exceptional and particular cases, where a classic brush does not help.

  • 100% Made in Italy
  • Resistant to water and disinfection
  • Durable extra-thin tip to wear
  • Bristles synthetic
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Ring in brass
  • Lightweight, practical and resistant
  • Designed to offer maximum comfort
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Professional brush made to measure in collaboration with a historic Italian brush factory.

  • Handle made frombirch wood, light and resistant, color satin black.The satin finish, in addition to making it elegant, ensures maximum water resistance.
  • Ring innickel-plated brasswith double constriction which ensures maximum firmness of the tip and keeps it firmly anchored to the handle even over time.
  • Bristlessoft synthetics,elastic,resistantresistant to wear and colour, the brush has been studied in detail by the best professionals in the world. Very thin tip that guarantees themaximum controlduring application, to achieve unprecedented perfection.

Try it for the application of InLei® Form1 and Fix2when you need to create a very very thin product line (for example during a male eyelash lift). Use it and you will feel like a painter from the 1500s!

It is not only beautiful to look at but is extremely functional.If you are looking for high precision to carry out meticulous work, you have found your very high quality brush.

  • Wash the bristles with running water and neutral soap.
  • Soak the tip for 10-15 minutes inInLei® F PLUS
  • Rinse with water and dry very well with a cloth.