READY FANS ready-made 3D D-curl fans 800pcs

READY FANS | ready-made 3D D-curl fans 800pcs
READY FANS | ready-made 3D D-curl fans 800pcs
READY FANS | ready-made 3D D-curl fans 800pcs

READY FANS ready-made 3D D-curl fans 800pcs

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Ready-to-use fans made of high quality synthetic fiber. MAXI FORMAT of 20 strips with paper “Foil Back” , which attaches and detaches without leaving paper residue on our lash pads. Tuft already joined to the base, with the body of the lashes resting on the strip to facilitate grip.

  • They help you save time
  • Technology FOIL BACK
  • Ultra thin double-sided adhesive strip
  • Perfect hair mix between glossy and matte
  • Synthetic fiber high quality
  • Thickness: 0.07 mm
  • Curvature: D
  • Content: 800 fans = approx  6/9 full-set treatments
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They can be usedas an addition to fill the eye or to give more volume, both in the tails and along the entire length of the eye.The body of the fan rests on the double-sided adhesive strip, this allows the base and the tips to remain free, making the fan easier to pick up. The entire fan must be grasped with thecaliper specially created for volume, simultaneously taking all the lashes that compose it so as not to unravel it.

The 3D ready fan is a fan made up of3 eyelashes positioned in a V shapeand apply on the double-sided adhesive strip. They are joined to the base with an almost imperceptible extra-thin glue, which does not cause any discomfort during application.

The 3D fan is designed inthickness 0.07 to avoid overloading the natural pile.

These eyelash extensions are non-deformable and made of high quality synthetic fibre, ahalfway between glossy and matteas expected from the latest trends.

Each box is made up of20 strips with 40 fans each, for a total of 800 fanswhich on average are enough for 6/9 full-set treatments. The paper strips are made with FOIL BACK technology, meaning they can be detached and attached several times without leaving paper residue on the flashpad. Each double-sided adhesive strip has a thickness of only 2 mm, which facilitates the removal of the fan itself.

It should be noted that the “Ready Fans”they do not completely replace a manually done volume application,but they give us considerable helpin speed. Ideal as support for moments when you have many clients and want to speed up the work.

Also available in 2D and 6D versions.