WIPES in TNT for eyelash extension glue 200 pcs

WIPES in TNT for eyelash extension glue 200 pcs

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Disposable wipes made specifically to clean the glue nozzle precisely and effectively. They leave no residue and guarantee a firm closure of the bottle.

  • Not they leave lint
  • Protects quality of your glue
  • Content: 200 pcs
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Wipes made of non-woven fabric

To guarantee the quality of your glue we recommend using the "nose cleaner" wipe every time you open and close the glue.By keeping the adhesive nozzle clean, the cap will also remain clean, which allows a firm closure of the bottle and guarantees the long life and freshness of the chemical formulation of the glue. This way your favorite glue will always be fresh and flawless!

Wipes designed to clean the glue nozzle:they are not sticky and leave no residueon the plastic of the nose. Tissuesoft and absorbentwhich leaves no lint, for precise and effective cleaning.

This product is disposable: once used it must be disposed of.