MINI EYE TAPE adhesive strips for eyelids 1200pcs

MINI EYE TAPE adhesive strips for eyelids 1200pcs

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A small tool that offers enormous help during eyelash extension treatments! The Light Lashes® Mini Eye Tape strips have multiple functions . From now on , applying extensions will be easier while also guaranteeing greater safety!

  • Extremely flexible , suitable for even the most sensitive skin
  • Plasticized surface
  • Adheres effectively
  • Disposable
  • Convenient protective roller
  • Small sections divisible by 4 strips each
  • Content: 1200pcs
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  1. Gently lift with the tips of professional tweezersthe end of the eyelid tape.
  2. Without touching the tape with your fingers,attackone end of the tape to the area of ​​the eyelid you want to move and gently pull the strip (and consequently the eyelid itself) upwards.
  3. In the end,secure the other endof the tape holding the eyelid in place.

Try the convenience of Light Lashes® Mini Eye tape for:

  • Block the mobile eyelidand ensure eye closure. Often some types of eyelids deceive even the most expert operators and even if the eye seems closed, this is not at all! In these cases the use of the strips is essential to avoid chemical burns to the sclera of the eye. Easy to use, just attach the eyelid to the patch and you're done!
  • Customers who have very thick and compact eyelashes where it is particularly difficultisolate the lashes of the internal and external corners. In these situations the cross technique is best using two strips and crossing them.Caution: After this procedure, make sure your eyes are still closed after lifting the corners.
  • For themeyelashes that grow naturally downwards. Every lashmaker has had to work with this difficult type of lashes that remain too close to the patch. Also in this case, simply pull the eyelid upwards slightly to lift the lash line.Warning: also in this case you must not lift the eyelid too much so as not to expose the eye to glue fumes.

Experience their comfort, try it!

Although these strips adhere perfectly, they lose their adhesiveness if they come into contact with the skin before being attached. To ensure optimal performance, be sure to:

  • do not touch the tape before placing iton the client's eyelid
  • do not stick, peel off and reapplythe tape on the client as its effectiveness is reduced
  • make sure that the The client's eyelids are completely cleanand free of make-up and oil residues for optimal grip of the Mini Eye Tape
  • ensure that the client's skin is completely drybefore applying the strips

The solution to all your problems is calledLight Lashes® MINI EYE TAPE!

Multiple functions that guarantee fast and safe work! Forget about wasting time cutting the tape once and for all!