MIRROR for eyelash treatments

MIRROR | for eyelash treatments

MIRROR for eyelash treatments

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The Light Lashes® mirror is a very useful tool for lashmakers and lamimakers: it allows you to check your work during the application of extensions or during the eyelash lamination treatment. Essential for precision work.

  • Wide visibility of the work performed
  • Help avoid mistakes
  • Mirror Size: 57 x 40mm
  • Handle Length: 140 mm
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Professional mirror to perform ameticulous controlof your work during the application of eyelash extensions. Allows you to check whether theThe client's eyes are tightly closed, check whether theextensions have been applied correctly, if they point in the right direction and if the work done on the right and left eye aresymmetrical. Also ideal for Lash Filler lamination!

It will help you work with maximum precision: the dimensions of the mirror have been carefully calibrated and guarantee a wide vision of the client's eye. The knurling on the handle makes thenon-slip and easier to handle handle, very simple to rotate to vary the reflection angle according to your needs.

You will be able to see thefinal result of the application without getting upfrom your work position and, why not, photograph your work from a different perspective!

Stylish gray color with Light Lashes® logo on the back of the mirror.