SILVER ANKLE BOOT WITH DIAMOND POWDER TOES professional tweezers for eyelash extensions

SILVER ANKLE BOOT WITH DIAMOND POWDER TOES professional tweezers for eyelash extensions

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Professional lashmaker tweezers of the highest quality, subjected to a special treatment which allowed the shiny blue color to be obtained. Comfortable and easy to handle, specifically designed to ensure maximum comfort during use. Ideal for creating risky volumes from 3-4 to 10 D.

  • Steel high quality
  • Tips with dust of diamond
  • Tips inclination of approx 95°
  • Perfect closure of the tips
  • Knurled handle for a firmer grip
  • Comfortable built-in ruler
  • Total length: 11.5cm
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Made inhigh quality steel. The tips have been sharpened by hand and are diamond-coated: there is a detail on the internal surfacediamond powder which makes it rougher and prevents the tuft from slipping.Thanks to this process, the closure is really excellent and you will be able to keep the eyelashes firmly between the tips of the forceps.

This tweezer is ideal for creating bold volumes from 3/4 to 10D.

As eye professionals we always recommend havinga special tweezers for each thickness of the extensions:if the caliper is used to gripping thicknesses like 0.07 it will struggle to grip a smaller thickness!

The “Stivaletto silver” tweezers are not very heavy and have a balanced length of 11.5 cm: this makes them veryeasy to handleand comfortable while working. The body has a special workmanship with semi-deep cuts that form a very narrow knurling: this feature makes itanti-slipand makes it easier to hold in the hand.

On one side there is a small oneruler: it was designed to help the lashmaker control the length of natural eyelashes or extensions quickly and easily.

Packaged in a convenient case with velvet base for more comfortable and safe transport.

The Light Lashes® tweezers can be disinfected in a special liquid, taking care not to exceed the time foreseen by the product instructions.

We recommend the InLei® F PLUS cleaning and sanitizing solutionspecific for cleaning lashmaker and lamimaker tools. It removes up to 99% of bacteria present on surfaces and depending on the timing of use it can also eliminate fungi, viruses and spores.

After disinfection, dry thoroughly and store in a dry place.